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You are unique, so is your wedding !

Flowers has the superpower to transform any casual dinner into an exceptionnal dinner.


With more than 10 years in the wedding and floral industry, and several classes attended in France and abroad, I can manage every idea or challenge for your wedding !

I know my flowers, my growers, my wholesalers... I can talk to you about them for hours !

This knowledge guarantees you the best service.

Let me design your special day, and I will create a unique experience for you and your guests, a journey trought parfumes and lavish blooms...

How does it work ? How can we plan your wedding decoration ?

After a first contact, I'll ask you more informations about your inspirations and what you want. We mostly use pictures and sketches to create your project.

Many accessories such as candelabras, votives, lanterns ... can be part of the design.

Few times prior to your wedding, I check with my wholesaler the most beautiful flowers and greeneries for you.
Most floral arrangement are done in my workshop in Bandol, or directly at the venue.


From there, you just have to enjoy your day, the floral decor become magical !

Emotions and thrills guaranteed !

Elopement in Gordes, Luberon

I love travelling as much as I love flowers !

I love travelling so much ! 

Especially for floral adventures !


From an elopement in Tuscany hills, to a full wedding in lake Como, via creating personal flowers from a wedding in Texas or doing a bridal bouquet demo on stage in Las Vegas, I can do flowers everywhere in the world.


And I'm very excited about where my next adventure will lead me.


Ceremony at Mas des Costes, Luberon
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