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Hello ! I'm Emily

I'm a wedding designer, I was previously a florist in a shop.

And I'm a super curious person, who loves learning, raising my business and share.

During my career, I've decided to travel from east to west (and I'm still doing it !) to meet talented florists and designers, and learning and understanding other wedding cultures.


Trought classes I've organized, I've met several trusted florists. They're part of my team when I have to manage large installations.


I love lavish tables, beautiful dinner tables, curated floral arrangements and scented roses.

Contact me to talk about your wedding, and together we'll built your amazing day !


Florist certification (Provence)

Wedding Planner course (Paris)

Sketch class level 1 & 2 avec Mary Phan

Calligraphy class 1 & 2 Laura Hooper (London)

Masterclass Karen Tran (Lake Como + Firenze)

Masterclass Preston Bailey

Workshop Sabine Darall (UK)

Workshop Sarah Campbell (Louisiana)

Workshop The School Of Styling (North Carolina)

Workshop Miluna Studio x Yuki Yoshikawa (Japan)

Workshop Flatlay Linda Champenois (Paris)

Workshop with Greg Finck x Floraison Paris (Provence)

Floral Fundamental Ambassador


Les Etoiles de Bahia

As an entrepreneur I fell it lucky to deeply do what I love. Since 2020 I support a local association called Les Etoiles de Bahia (NGO) which fosters cats and kitten.

Since 2019, Lorraine Archen and her team catch feral cats, sterilize them, take care of them and found new families for kitten and injured cats.

Their dedication for those who can't speak is so strong. I'm proud and happy to support them !

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