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What's sustainable floristry for a wedding ?

Before starting, all pictures in this post are done in a sustainable way.

Photo Elodie Pereira

Let's talk about this passionate topic ! Working sustainably means working with seasonal flowers as often as I could. But it doesn't mean I won't change your opinion on flowers !

If you dream about peonies at your wedding in August or September I'll do my best to find you some. I know some farms which grow of season beauties...

Working sustainably for me means choosing with carbon neutral farm as often as I can, flowers wrapped in paper instead of plastic, local greeneries...

And it's also about reducing the use of floral foam. This is a single use product and even some eco labeled foam aren't that perfect.

Sometimes we can't avoid it, and I'll use wisely.

Last point, which is quite important in my process.

During you wedding I'll try to reuse your flowers as much as I can to let you enjoy them as longer as possible.

Also I encourage you to offer flowers to your guests, your vendors.

When I come to break down flowers (the day after or two days after if you're having a brunch), if they are flowers left, I collect and offer them in my neighborhood.

Greens and other plant based wastes go to my parents landfill

It's just easy as it !

Photo : Laura Zorman

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