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Sarah + Philippe | Chateau de Cassis

Sarah and Philippe get married in September il the beautiful and amazing Chateau de Cassis.

It's an old castle where first stone is still there from 5th Century, a long piece of Provence history.

The chateau has 6 suites, that means you can get prepared on site and have your own suite in the Chateau for the wedding night.

The most stunning view from Chateau de Cassis is the terrace above Cassis harbour, facing the sea...

The intimate ceremony (40 guest) took place on this terrrace, a breathtaking spot to celebrate love and happiness.

Florals where all about pink hues, with some eucalyptus leaves, pinkwinterberries (symphoricarpus). A simply romantic ambiance for these two newlyweds.

Dinner was set by the pool : 2 rectangle tables in a L shape, with the couple in between.

Each guest could enjoy a piece of garden and pool, and no one fall into the pool !

Couple picture where just in the chateau gardens. A romantic wilk between trees, old stones and water...

A wedding I'll remember for a long time !

Vendor List :

Wedding planner : Marisa Mirioni

Photographer : Ingrid Lepan

Catering : Marrou Traiteur

Design, flowers, gifts : Emily Alarcon

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