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Anna + Denis | Vows renewal in Lavender fields

Anna and Denis got married a few time ago, and had a vows renewal in lavender fields earlier this summer.

I designed this unique invitation, very flowery, a watercolor pattern I also use to deisgn their own tableclothe. (You can see it below)

As we were in lavender fields in Valensole, we didn't have a specific color theme, but lavender-ish and pink-ish were an evidence for me.

I've creating a natural bouquet were several tiny flower can dance and moove...

Lavender fields are iconic in South of France, especially from June to mid-July.

What I love the most about lavender fields ? The breeze between the stems, millions of bees at work collecting nectar and pollen, the sweet and honey-ish odour there.

We set a dinner table just by the lavender field, for an al fresco dinner under the stard, only lit with candles.

Cake was decorated with fresh fruits and flowers, for an exquisite provence taste.

Happy vows renewal lovely birds !

Vendor List :

Wedding Planner : Hello June

Photo and Video : Carmona Mariage

MUHA : Melissa Maquillage

Flowers, tableclothe, chairs : Emily Alarcon

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