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Are micro-wedding a good idea for 2021 ?

First of all, I have to admit that I loooove micro-weddings.

But what is exactly what we call "micro wedding ?"

Micro wedding is how we call a wedding with few (or very few guest).

Usually, under 50 guest we can speak about micro weddings.

Micro weddings are not something new, but in this C-world, this is a kind of new normal. When opting for a micro wedding you'll have more chances to have your wedding allowed even with (I hope we won't but...) new restrictions.

Having fewer guests doesnt mean having a sad wedding. In fact, couples spent almost the same amount for a "full size" wedding than a smaller, than means you'll have more budget for less guests.

And the decoration is often getting better with this extra budget !

Having few guests for your wedding day allows you to celebrate in way more places : you can rent a house for a week and have all your guest for the week, having the celebrations in the garden...

I don't know about you, but this vision make me dreaming !

Who is planning a micro wedding ?

Tell me more about your plans !

Pictures : Jeremie HKB, Florian Carmona, Laurent Martin, Do it Paris way


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